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1, October 2001 ~02 year in January in Shanghai City, Pudong Tengda mixing station, electrical equipment installation and commissioning;
2, May 2002 ~9 month Hangzhou Xiaoshan Lan shield mixing, electrical equipment installation and debugging;
3, September 2002 ~03 year in January, Hangzhou iron and steel plant blast furnace steelmaking raw materials, 3 converter, continuous casting, electrical equipment installation and commissioning;
4, January 2003 ~04 year in July, Hunan Lianyuan Steel hot rolling factory, 2200 cubic meters of blast furnace outside engineering, electrical equipment debugging instrument;
5, November 2003 ~04 year in March, Shandong Rizhao Iron and steel factory H type steel electrical instrument commissioning;
6, January 2003 ~2005 year in January, Baosteel Foundry Company, ladle repair;
7, April 2003 ~2006 year in October, Shanghai Kohler, maintenance and production of kiln burner;
8, May 2004 ~10 month, Ningbo Asia Pulp & Paper electrical installation, electrical, instrument commissioning;
9, August 2004 ~06 January, the Suzhou International Exhibition Center electrical equipment debugging;
10, August 2004 ~11 month, Hainan Jinhai Pulp & Paper electrical commissioning;
11, December 2004 ~2005 year in August, Hunan cold rolling electrical equipment debugging;
12, April 2005 ~06 year in March, Hunan Xiangtan Steel wide plate electrical installation, debugging instrument;
13, November 2005 ~06 year in March, Kunshan Longteng photoelectric power supply debugging;
14, June 2003 ~2008 year in August, Zhangjiagang Shagang, blast furnace, sintering zone electrical maintenance;
15, 2004 October ~2010 year in September, Nanjing Nangang plate driving electromechanical equipment management and maintenance;
16, April 2006 ~07 year in January, Pudong Shenhuo aluminum electrical equipment installation and commissioning;
17, May 2006 ~07 year in September, Henan Wuyang steel slab - - rolling - Roughing grinding roller - water treatment -35Kv-10Kv power supply debugging;
18, May 2006 ~07 year in December, Sichuan Chengdu Longwei steel cold-rolled electrical equipment maintenance management;
19, May 2006 ~2008 year in December, Shanxi Taiyuan Iron Steel Plant Road, mechanical and electrical equipment maintenance;
20, June 2006 ~2010 year in June, Ningbo Jianlong steel plant, gas station electrical equipment debugging;
21, November 2007 ~2013 year in June eight one, Xinjiang steel factory and hot combustion power generation system of electrical equipment maintenance;
22, November 2007 ~2010, Guangdong Zhaoqing Asia aluminum heating furnace and electric rolling workshop installation and commissioning;
23, August 2008 ~2010 year in August, Hebei Handan Hanbao hot rolling plant, steel plant equipment maintenance and maintenance;
24, August 2008 ~2010 year in January, Hunan Loudi Lianyuan Steel product structure adjustment and technology reformation of rolling engineering of electrical installation engineering;
25, October 2008 ~2009 year in September, the two phase of the construction project of steel rolling production line of Henan Wuyang new limited liability company wide steel plate rough mill installation area;
26, August 2008 to March 2010, Hunan Lianyuan Steel Plate Factory peripheral power, traffic, lighting and electrical equipment installation and commissioning;
28, August 2008 ~2009 year in October, Wuhan Iron and steel converter CSP debugging;
29, February 2009 to June 2013, Xinjiang eight one steel plate factory, maintenance of electrical equipment;
30, February 2009 to August 2012, Jiangxi Xinyu iron and steel plant electrical equipment of the hot rolling plant maintenance;
31, April 2009 ~2010 year in June, the engineering system of Thailand iron NTS Steel Group Co. Ltd. (debugging);
32, May 30, 2009 ~2010 year in March, Hunan Valin Xiangtan 5M heavy plate project of 120 tons of RH vacuum treatment equipment engineering;
33, in 2009 June 2010 March, Hunan Valin steel product structure adjustment of public auxiliary projects supporting 20 million m3 blast furnace gas cabinet for electrical instrument engineering;
34, 2009 July 2010 April, Lianyuan Steel auxiliary project 10 million m3 of coke oven gas holder and 10 million m3 of converter gas cabinets facilities electrical instrumentation installation engineering;
35, July 2009 ~2012 year in March, in a steelmaking plant electrical equipment routine maintenance;
36, November 2009 ~2010 year in May, cold rolling electrical equipment debugging;
38, November 2009 ~2010 year in September, Hunan Changsha titanium plate hot rolling electrical equipment installation and debugging;
39, August ~2010, January 2010, Cangzhou railway equipment 1780MM hot rolling electrical equipment debugging;
40, February 2010 ~2010 year in December 25th, Jiangyin special steel 3500MM electrical equipment maintenance;
41 ~ January 2010, so far, 210, Lianyuan Steel converter plant cooling plate electrical maintenance routine;
42, July 2010 ~2011 year in September, new yuan building materials slag two projects;
43, May 2010 ~8 months, the rainbow (Hefei) liquid crystal glass Co., Ltd. high generation TFT-LCD glass substrate production line project;
44, December 2010 ~2011 year in April, Handan old steel mill renovation project tenders and tenders bar wire electrical installation engineering;
45, December ~2012, July 2010, Tianjin steel plant machinery and equipment maintenance;
46, January 2011 ~13 year in December, Jiangyin Xingcheng Special steel plant equipment maintenance, repair, repair, renovation and;
47, January 2011 ~2013, June, Xinjiang eight one steel and iron and steel plant equipment maintenance project;
48, April 2011 ~2011 year in December, Jiangsu Hualing Xigang Special Steel Co. Ltd. 100 steel factory production cooperation;
February 2011 49, 2011 to December 2011, Shaogang steel cleaner production, energy saving reconstruction project of EIC control equipment installation engineering;
50, February 2011 ~2013 year in January, the new 1580mm hot rolling production line theory (maintenance);
April 2011 51, 2011 to December 2011, Jiangsu Hualing Xigang Special Steel Co., Ltd. 100 steel pipe factory equipment routine maintenance (high and low);
52, June 2011 ~2011 year in October, the transformation of Plate Roughing Mill in Xinjiang Bayi Iron and steel co.;
53, December ~2013, May 2011, the first Qin 4300mm heavy plate production line equipment maintenance;
54, March ~2012, July 2011, Mei steel product structure adjustment and process equipment upgrading works of lime kiln system engineering, blast furnace slag outside the system transformation - the main project;
55, October ~2012, April 2011, Shanghai Baosteel Chemical Co., Ltd. gas system upgrade and transformation of 2 standard project electrical and electrical equipment installation engineering;
56, December `2012 July 2011, 1550 cold rolling mill section of the furnace and the maintenance of the cleaning section;
57, December ~2011, March 2011, the steel 3# blast furnace project;
58, June ~2012, July 2011, Jilin Jian long iron and Steel Co., Ltd. iron plant blast furnace and its auxiliary equipment, conventional repair, repair;
59, September 2011 ~ so far, the central business district of Zhuhai cross the central business district, the first phase of the project;
60, March 2012 ~14 year in December, Shatong (Taixing) Chemical Co., benzene hydrogenation and auxiliary workshop equipment maintenance;
61, December ~2012, June 2012, cold rolling 2230 production line acid rolling, acid regeneration station equipment maintenance and repair;
62, May 2012 ~2013 year in May, the factory electrical equipment maintenance maintenance project for steelmaking;
63, May 2012 ~2012 year in December, the new raw material of blast furnace and expansion of field inspection maintenance of steelmaking plant;
64, in August 2012 ~ so far, Xinjiang Baoxin Shengyuan building materials Co., Ltd. annual 1.2 million tons of slag powder of the third phase project of section of electrical installation subcontract;
65, 2012 January 13th in December, Xinjiang Xinxing Ductile Iron Pipes Co., Ltd. steelmaking factory production line equipment and network area Yun Bao, maintenance and repair;
66, May ~2013, August 2012, Yamato Tetsuo Metallurgical Science and Technology Co., Ltd. one or two coking equipment maintenance;
67, 2012 January 2012 in December, Baosteel Group Xinjiang Bayi Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. steel rolling mill of hot rolling 1750, plate production line equipment and road, maintenance and maintenance;
December 2013 were 68, 2012 to June 2013, the converter plant of Liugang converter reconstruction of large-scale engineering 150tRH vacuum processing device of the electrical engineering project, new single operating room, platform;
69, December ~13, December 2012, Wuhan Iron and steel two cold rolled galvanized new heavy coil inspection machine package (commissioning);
70, December 2012 ~2013 year in May, Fujian Zhangzhou Fuxin district construction project of hot rolling (debug);
71, March 2013 ~14 year in December, Anyang cold rolling project preparation -- acid mill construction engineering (debugging);
72, April ~14, July 2013, Ningbo iron and Steel Co., Ltd. iron plant blast furnace regional equipment maintenance;
73, April 2013 ~ so far, Baosteel Luojing 1#COREX furnace overall relocation to Bayi Steel - making units (section I) (debugging)
74, September 2013 ~14 year in August, Ningbo Asia Pulp & paper papermaking workshop PM4 instrument equipment installation engineering (debugging);
75, May 2013 ~15 year in March, the Xinjiang new building materials Co., Ltd. Shengyuan equipment maintenance project;
76, July 2013 ~15 year in April, Xinjiang Baoxin trenca Lime Products Co. Ltd. equipment outsourcing cooperation maintenance project;
77, September 2013 ~14 year in March, Qinghai photovoltaic glass rolling production line refractory building engineering;
78, October 2013 ~12 month, Huai Steel coke oven repair;
79, October 2013 ~14 year in April, Xining special steel train unfreezing warehouse relocation project refractory building engineering;
80, March ~14, September 2013, plum steel 190t/h dry quenching coke oven to repair;
81, 2014 March ~15 year in April two, Baosteel Iron and steel smelting water pretreatment comprehensive renovation of the main project (Section 2) Electrical Engineering
82, July 2014 ~15 February, thick plate 5M production line vertical roll mill shift and Transformation Engineering Electrical Engineering
83, June 2014 - present, Lianyuan Steel Plate for automobile electrical maintenance
84, June 2014 ~15, March, Yuanmou, Yunnan 30 MW photovoltaic power generation electrical debugging
85, August 2014 - present, Qingdao iron and steel wire factory electrical installation and debugging
In 86, September 2014 ~ so far, the electrical installation and commissioning of Baosteel No.1 steelmaking continuous casting
86 ~ March 2015, so far, Philippines Isabel Pasa copper flash furnace overhaul
87, April 2015 ~ up to now, the Xiamen Convention and Exhibition Center, the four phase of the project electrical installation and commissioning
88, May 2015 ~ up to now, the Ha Tinh steel plant in Vietnam electric debugging
89, June 2015 ~ so far, Baosteel 2030 Cold Rolling electrical installation and commissioning
90, June 2015 ~ up to now, Zhanjiang iron and steel plant energy system electrical commissioning and maintenance
91, June 2015 ~ so far, Beilun Ningbo iron and steel plant sintering of civil, steel structure, mechanical, electrical installation and commissioning
92, July 2015 ~ up to now, Weifang Shandong 70 MW photovoltaic power generation electrical debugging
93, July 2015 ~ so far, Korla Xinjiang textile factory electrical installation and commissioning
94, March 2015 ~ up to now, plum steel two hot blast furnace furnace wall repair
95 ~ April 2015, so far, three desulfurization overhaul project in coking plant gas purification
96, April 2015 - present, cold rolled steel galvanized refractory repair factory

97, May 2015 ~ so far, liquor Steel coking plant in 2015 two coking dry cleaning furnace maintenance