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     Enterprise was founded in April 2003, with head office located in Shanghai. The company is mainly engaged in Metallurgical Construction, purchasing consignment, and the main business strengths are in commissioning of electrical equipment, mechanical and electrical equipment installation engineering, and mechanical and electrical equipment maintenance units; the main features of expertise are high-pressure power supply, low voltage electrical equipment control, automation  control instrumentation, plant mechanical

and electrical equipment installation, maintenance and so on. The company has A-level qualification of mechanical and electrical equipment maintenance, and Class-3 qualification of mechanical and electrical equipment installation engineering contractor.

     In recent years, with all staff's unremitting efforts, the company has developed into a professional-oriented enterprise with more than 5000 million assets. The company has more than 1,000 staff, more than 310 professional and technical personnel, of whom the company has 2 State-determines Class-2 project managers, 8 Class-B project managers, 15 Class-3 project managers, more than 100 engineering staff and project management staff with senior titles, 150 junior technical management staff. The principle of the company is to "keep improving, strive for perfection". The goal of the company is for the development and industrial revitalization of business; the company has a mindful, rigorous, practical working style. In the past few years, on the former bases, with great efforts, the company has achieved a lot, mainly engaged in metallurgical construction and equipment maintenance in major iron and steel enterprises in China , and has won good appraisal from the majority of client departments.